Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Alexander D. Wissner-Gross

Dr. Alexander D. Wissner-Gross, 1995-1996 Institute of Creative Problem Solving for Gifted and Talented Students Alumnus

Dr. Alexander D. Wissner-Gross is a Research Affiliate at the MIT Media Laboratory. Dr. Wissner-Gross has received 93 major distinctions, authored 13 publications, been granted 9 issued, pending, and provisional patents, and founded 1 company. In 2003, he became the last person in MIT history to receive a triple major, with bachelors in Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics, while graduating first in his class from the MIT School of Engineering. In 2007, he completed his Ph.D. in Physics at Harvard University, where his work on programmable matter was awarded the Hertz Doctoral Thesis Prize.

Dr. Wissner-Gross's research has been featured in Technology Review, BusinessWeek, USA Today, Scientific American, and The New York Times.

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